Healthy family meal plans

We make nutrition easy for busy parents by creating simple and healthy family meal plans that tick all the nutritional boxes.

We take the pain out of meal plans and healthy family meals

After a long day, the last thing anyone wants to consider is what to cook for dinner. Frustratingly, while pre-packaged foods and takeaways make life easier short term, they can cause health issues in the long run. 

We understand that planning and preparing nutritional meals can be a daunting task for parents – especially when there are multiple schedules and food preferences to juggle. The good news is that it’s never too late to kickstart a healthy eating plan, and a qualified clinical nutritionist can tailor your weekly meal plan to your family’s specific needs.

The benefits of consulting a qualified meal planner

Healthy family meal plans improve nutrition

We create healthy eating plans that cater to each family member’s age, gender, health conditions, and food preferences. Meal plans also help to break unhealthy eating habits and curb reliance on expensive ready-made meals. This means we can also decrease the risk of common diet-related illnesses such as eczema, tummy upsets and nutritional deficiencies (and their healthcare costs!).

Weekly meal planning saves time and money

Family meal plans help save time by taking decision-making out of the equation. Getting organised also means you’ll spend less time at the supermarket and preparing meals. Our meal preparation times start at just 10 minutes!

When we create healthy family meal plans, we take your family’s budget into account, while still providing nutritious and delicious meals. By purchasing ingredients in bulk and planning meals in advance, meal plans reduce food waste and help you save money on groceries.

We’ll introduce more variety to your family’s diet

Our healthy family meal plans are far from repetitive. We incorporate a variety of foods and flavours into your family’s diet, while still meeting everyone’s nutritional needs. 

Family meal plans also help expand children’s palates and encourage them to try new things alongside meals that they already love. Variety also makes it easier to stick to a healthy diet because you don’t get bored

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How we price our healthy family meal plans 

Our clinical nutritionist Min Cook designs meal plans that include detailed recipes, shopping lists and nutritional information.

7-day meal plan – $75

14-day meal plan – $135

4-week meal plan – $250

We’ll tailor your meal plans to suit the individual needs of your family members

We can support your family with healthy eating plans for:

  • Children diagnosed with nutritional deficiencies
  • Nutritional requirements during specific life stages
  • Managing dietary restrictions and aversions 
  • Increased nutritional needs for kids participating in competitive sports.
  • Specific dietary recommendations and requirements
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