Naturopathic genetic testing

When you conduct genetic testing with naturopaths, you can address your child’s individual health needs through treatments tailored to their unique genetic profile.

What naturopathic genetic testing can tell us

In the last 100 years, there’s been an explosion in the number of environmental pollutants, chemicals, and toxins in our world – but our genes haven’t changed. The body breaks down and eliminates these toxins, but some bodies are better at this than others. Genetic testing helps us determine how these toxins impact your child’s health and body.

At Nurture, we use DNA testing for healthier outcomes in kids by determining whether they’re at risk of developing health complications and why they may be responding a certain way to particular chemicals or nutrients.

We do this by looking at multiple genes and relating them to a person’s symptoms, nutrient levels, gut health, and potential toxin exposure. Then, we look for variations in genes and find ways to support their faulty functions to reduce any impacts on your little one’s body. DNA health tests make it simple to provide personalised treatment options that can offer even greater health outcomes.


How we treat health needs after naturopathic genetic testing

When we do a genetics test, we’re looking for factors to help us personalise your little one’s diet, nutritional supplements and lifestyle to stop illnesses from developing.

Where illnesses already exist, DNA/genetic testing helps us find underlying causes or contributing factors. When there are unexplainable issues with behaviour, mood or ongoing nutritional deficiencies, there could be genetic abnormalities.

Once we know what the underlying causes are, we can do something about them. That solution might involve supplements to get the body functioning well again before we maintain the results with diet and lifestyle tweaks.

For example: If your child has specific genetic variations, they may not be converting folic acid to usable forms of folate, and they might benefit from taking folate instead of folic acid supplements.

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Download a symptom and diet diary to investigate whether certain foods are causing problems for your little one. You can discuss the results at your consultation to help us personalise your child’s treatment options alongside the results from naturopathic genetic testing.

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